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A life of Thanksgiving

One of the greatest opportunities we have to demonstrate to God that we are truly understanding of His Word being lived out in our lives is to live a life of thanksgiving. A life of Thanksgiving is a life where we acknowledge a few of the following: 1) We take the time to thank God for being God. We reverence Him for being the God of creation and everything in included in that great act. We give God the credit He deserves for intelligent design and we seek to teach others about our great creating God. 2) We thank God for giving us His Son, Jesus Christ. We acknowledge Jesus Christ as the Savior of humanity. Without His sacrifice on the cross for our sins, we would not have a path to eternal life with God the Creator. 3) We thank God for sending us the Holy Spirit, which guides us through this life and constantly keeps us headed in the right direction. 4) We thank God for giving us His Word. It is the Word of God that teaches us everything we need to know and to do in order for us to live a life that is pleasing unto God. Without God's Word (Special and General Revelation), we would be stumbling through life, looking for our place and never finding the path to the Savior. 5) We thank God for our parents. For without them, we would not be here to have the eternal life with our God, the Creator.

Living a life of thanksgiving simply means that we live each moment as a celebration back to God for the many things He has done for us. We love His creation and we enjoy living for the glory God gets when we demonstrate to Him that we get it.


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